Hiking in Rokua Geopark

Picture: Rokua Geopark / Harri Tarvainen

Enjoy the unique scenery of Rokua Geopark by hiking, skiing and cycling. The hiking trails in Rokua Geopark run through breathtaking scenery offering a thrilling ambience in all seasons. In summer the esker landscape with its carpet of lichen and clear pools, deep river valleys with broad-leaved trees and rocky river banks, and lakes with expanses of open water sparkling in the sunlight make for fascinating walks in a class of their own. During winter, snowshoeing is an excellent option for discovering the winter wonderland of Rokua.

When hiking in Rokua, remember that the terrain is sensitive, so hike only on marked routes.

Pookinpolku, 6 km

Pooki Trail takes you to the gorgeous scenery of Pookivaara Hill, where fire guards lived and worked in the past. This is the heart of Rokua National Park, where dunes, kettle holes and esker slopes constitute a magnificent scenery, created by the Ice Age. The thick light-coloured lichen glistens on the rugged, undulating heaths.

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Harjunpolku, 2.5 km

A trail in a landscape shaped by the Ice Age. Harjunpolku is an easy nature trail that is also suitable for families with children. It runs through an esker terrain, close to Rokua Health & Spa Hotel.

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Emperor’s Trail (Keisarinkierros), 19 km

A trail in a landscape that would have also charmed the Emperor! The Emperor’s Trail (Keisarinkierros) takes you to the most popular attractions and natural destinations in Rokua: Syvyydenkaivo, Finland’s deepest kettle hole and Pookivaara Hill, the highest point in Rokua. In addition, there are many campfire huts along the trail where hikers can take a break and enjoy the peace and quiet of the wilderness. The Emperor’s Trail (Keisarinkierros) passes the Rokua Health & Spa Hotel, so you can also start the hike from the spa hotel.

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Hiking trails in Rokua

Rokua’s summer trails maps are available at the hotel reception. You can also download the map for yourself as a PDF file from the Rokua Geopark page.

Map of summer trails in Rokua