Wellness from nature

Reindeer lichen and harmonious pine forest. Nature molded by the ice age. Rokua Health & Spa Hotel welcomes all visitors to a wellness spa hotel in a stunning natural environment, complete with unhurried silence and optimal services — whether you want to enjoy pampering treatments at our relaxing Day Spa, or to spend a day outside in the beautiful nature with outdoor activities.

Feel the wonderful nature of Rokua Geopark and Rokua National Park

Spa hotel is surrounded by magnificent nature and situated in the heart of Finland’s first UNESCO Global Geopark, Rokua Geopark and nearby Rokua National Park.
The foundation of Rokua Health & Spa Hotel is overall well-being which visitors will experience through the services and surrounding nature. Rokua is at its best during all seasons for visitors who wish to enjoy, relax and experience the marvels of unique nature.

Rokua spa

Get refreshed in the spa and an authentic Finnish sauna

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