Nature in Rokua

Rokua is an unparalleled natural setting. Reindeer lichen, green pine forests and peaceful nature shaped by the most recent Ice Age are a memorable environment for recreational activities and relaxation. Numerous little lakes, harmonious forests and unique landscapes have visitors from all over the world marveling at the beauty of Rokua Geopark and Rokua National Park.

The area offers activities for everyone, whether you seek a quiet moment, wish to marvel at nature, or just want to get fit through rigorous exercise. Popular outdoor activities include mountain biking through the Geopark nature, hiking in the National Park, kayaking in the blue waters, and snowshoeing in the winter while staring at the starry night sky.

Rokua Geopark

Picture: Rokua Geopark / Harri Tarvainen

Rokua Geopark is Finland’s first Geopark included in an international network of unique geologic sites. It is an official UNESCO Global Geopark and relates the story of the most recent Ice Age – when the melting ice and receding sea shore shaped the landscapes of Rokua, Lake Oulujärvi and Oulujoki River valley.

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Rokua National Park

Picture: Rokua Geopark / Harri Tarvainen

Rokua National Park is located at the southern end of a ridge formation and includes dunes, kettle hole marshes and clear-watered lakes, as well as ancient shore platforms and embankments.

Rokua is one of the oldest national parks in Finland and it is founded to protect the natural-state lichen heaths and unusual geologic features of the area.

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Pohjola route – A new way to discover Finland

Picture: VisitOulu / Matkailuelinkeinon elpymistä edistävät kehittämishankkeet -rahoitus

Pohjola – the North – is where Finland was born. It’s where lush forests grow, undulating with ridges and dunes. The clean lakes and swamps sprinkled with marsh tea have visitors fall silent. Rokua Geopark is one of the most spectacular destinations for exploring forests.

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Hike in Rokua

Enjoy the unique scenery of Rokua Geopark by hiking, skiing and cycling