Experience Rokua through activities

Activities at Rokua are available all year round, therefore it is a magnificent setting for an active holiday or to experience the landscape of Rokua National Park and Rokua Geopark. Nature shaped by the Ice Age, Rokua’s beautiful nature offers diverse activities and experiences – from relaxation and admiring nature to brisk exercise.

“I climb up the ridge towards the cloudless heights. Below, the pond is trying to out sparkle the blue of the sky. I stroll along a lichen-lined path.
Somewhere on the hillside, butterflies are in hiding, silver-barred sables in their unassuming beauty.
A fresh pine scent at the edge of the forest. In front of me, lilies of the valley are nodding in the pleasant breeze of early summer.”

– Maarit Vuorela

Experience Rokua on your own

Winter activities

Enjoy Rokua’s snowy nature and beautiful scenery by snowshoeing, ice skating, hiking or skiing. Breathe the fresh air and stop to enjoy lunch by the campfire.

Winter activities

Outdoor dining

Experience Rokua through food. Our chef will create an unforgettable 3 course dinner by the open fire. We provide outdoor dining for groups at Kirvesjärvi hut and Pookivaara as part of your hiking trip. Group size: 10-20 people.

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