Activities for children

There is plenty to do all year round – both indoors and outdoors! The amazing landscapes of Rokua Geopark invite young children to investigate, learn, exercise and play.

Spa waters, a versatile play room and hiking routes of Rokua Geopark and National park attract young vacationers to Rokua. In the summer, you can swim by the hotel on the Ahveroinen pond beach, while in the winter you can go sledding or ski with the whole family.

Splashing at the spa

There is a slide for the fast and furious, which takes you into the children’s pool in no time. There is a separate wading pool with toys for small children. The waterfall in the adjacent pool is a delight for both young and grown up aquatic beasts.

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Hiking in the nature of Rokua

The entire family can enjoy nature while hiking along forest trails, fishing in a pond, or getting to know the wonders of nature with a guide. Rent bikes, borrow a rowboat, or barbecue sausages at an open shelter. The nature of Rokua National Park offers plenty of activities, for the whole family.

Things to do and experience

Playroom shenanigans

Climb, hang on, and jump around! Cover up stuffed animals for bed or drive away in a pedal car. Play board games with the family or watch your favourite cartoon in the movie room.

Children’s play room


There is a playground suitable for small children on the yard with climbing frames, swings, and a sandbox. Ask for sand toys at the hotel reception.

Pihka’s Adventure Course

Climb up to the Pihka treehouse to listen to the sounds of the forest and balance it out on a wobbly bridge. See if you can jump as far as a fox, squirrel, or rabbit! How far do you think Pihka could jump?

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What to consider when vacationing with children?

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