Pihka’s Adventure Course

The Pihka’s adventure course runs around the Ahveroinen pond, located next to the hotel. The course is designed for younger family members (children under 10 years old).

Climb up to the Pihka treehouse to listen to the sounds of the forest and balance it out on a wobbly bridge. See if you can jump as far as a fox, squirrel, or rabbit! How far do you think Pihka could jump?

Children staying at our hotel receive a free map that makes it easy to complete the adventure course. At the last checkpoint, you can take a picture of the acrobatics master and receive a fun Pihka sticker onto the map to signal completion of the course.

For day visitors, the map costs €5 per child.

Adventure course rules

  • Take it easy when doing the course, do not run.
  • Read all instructions and act accordingly.
  • If you notice any issues with the course, please notify the hotel reception so we can take care of it and ensure that the course is safe. Thank you!
  • Children are allowed on the course in the presence of adults, and adults complete any activities at their own responsibility.
  • The adventure course is designed for children under 10 years old.