Sauna evening in Rokua

In the Finnish sauna evening in Rokua, you anjoy the heat of the sauna and swim in the spa. Between sauna and spa, cool off on the terrace or take a dip in the Ahveroinen pond. And all of that usually according to a long formula without hurry. Ask more about our saunas and various opportunities to spend a sauna evening!


Kammi is a convenient, intimate setting for meetings and other gatherings.

Kammi’s common sauna has been constructed to look like a grand smoke sauna, only it is electric. In between meetings and visits to the sauna, visitors can enjoy the fresh air on a spacious terrace or just cool down, enjoying a view of Rokua’s unique nature and lake Ahveroinen.

Visitors who have booked Kammi have access to the pool section of Rokua Health & Spa Hotel as well as the Kammi common sauna and the men’s or women’s sauna at the spa. They can also enjoy an evening snack after sauna. During summertime visitors can also swim in the pond Ahveroinen and during wintertime dip yourself in to the snow. We have a license to serve liquor in Kammi.

Max. 20 people

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Mänty cabinet

In the Mänty cabinet you can spend a cosy sauna evening with a small group.

Rokua’s Mänty cabinet is a great venue for a meeting or sauna evening for a small group. The cabinet is located near the pool section, which makes it the perfect environment for the chill out evening. You can order small evening snacks and drinks from the kitchen. A cosy cabinet and a beautiful sauna for 10 await you to have a relaxing sauna evening.

Max. 10 people

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Tähtisavu smoke sauna

We welcome visitors to bathe in the best herbal smoke sauna in Northern Finland! Rokua’s Tähtisavu has been tested and is recommended by the International Smoke Sauna Club.

Visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape and fresh air of the surrounding Rokua Geopark from a bath barrel on the terrace.
Max. 20 people

An unforgettable smoke sauna experience

With 800 kilos of stones in the sauna stove, there is plenty of heat for a large group, too. The sauna has been constructed from hand-carved timber. Moreover, the sauna stove and benches as well as some furniture elements are hand-made. Not only is the sauna beautiful and provides excellent steam, it is also ecological. The washing water is heated using geothermal heat and the firewood needed to heat the sauna is procured from local farms. The washing water is the establishment’s own well-water.

The smoke sauna is heated and prepared for bathing before visitors arrive. Cleaning up is included in the rent. The living room is equipped with a fridge, micro, a water boiler and a coffeemaker as well as a coffee set for 20. The sauna is located approximately 300 metres from the spa hotel, right in the heart of Rokua Geopark.

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