A guided cross-country bicycle excursion at Rokua Geopark

A guided mountain biking excursion at Rokua Geopark.

Enjoy and energise yourself in the beautiful natural setting of Rokua! If you are busy at work, it is recommendable to take a moment’s respite in the charming natural setting of Rokua. Our expert guides can present Rokua to you from a completely new perspective. Cross-country cycling is a fun and ecological way to get to know your environment. Shaped by the landscape, the terrain in Rokua Geopark is guaranteed to increase your heart rate and fitness!

weather-appropriate outdoor/cycling clothes and a helmet. Sunglasses, your own helmet and a change of clothes are recommended. Please also bring something to drink/a drinking bottle. You can also take part using your bike.

Finnish, English

Programme duration:
approx. 90 min.

Rokua Health & Spa Hotel has a comprehensive organiser’s liability insurance policy.

May–October (depending on the weather)

Rokua Outdoors, Jaakonjärventie 2, 91670 Rokua

Number of people:
2-10 people (more are allowed they can bring their own cross-country bikes)

incl. equipment, guide services, insurance, VAT

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