Picking mushrooms in Rokua


Sat 17.09. - Sun 18.09.

In September, get ready for picking mushrooms in the beautiful surroundings of Rokua. The programme includes mushroom picking trip in the nearby forests. An experienced mushroom expert is joining us to make sure that even the most inexperienced pickers can have a good time.

Note! The language of instruction of the course is Finnish

Schedule for picking mushrooms

16.9. Friday

20.45 Karaoke

17.9. Saturday

10.00-10.30 Morning coffee and mushroom pie at Restaurant Rousku
10.30-11.00 Trip info
11.00-15.00 Mushroom picking trip in the nearby forest and mushroom cooking at the Rantakota shelter
15.00-20.00 Sauna and swimming at the spa
12.00-19.00 Mushroom themed buffet
20.45- Karaoke or dancemusic

Sauna, spa, and gym open (check the opening hours)

18.9. Sunday

12.00 Check-out


Accommodation package 1 day

starting at 97 € / person

Accommodation package 2 day

starting at 182€ / person

Day package

62€ / person

Additional nights starting at

73 € / person

1 person room additional

+35€ / day

The accommodation package includes a 2-person room (1 day), the mushroom picking schedule, buffet dinner, spa and gym access, and a ticket to the restaurant.

The day package includes the mushroom picking schedule, buffet dinner, spa and gym access.