Midsummer at Rokua


Fri 23.06. - Sun 25.06.

Experience a traditional Finnish Midsummer!

Relaxation, outdoor activities, good food and drinks, and the best possible company. The nature that starts right at the hotel door and high-quality services guarantee a relaxing and enjoyable Midsummer holiday.

Enjoy early summer delicacies at Restaurant Rousku. The plentiful Midsummer buffet includes Midsummer cheese, the season’s potatoes, fish, salad, and other traditional delicacies.

Midsummer bonfire

A bonfire will be lighted on the Ahveroinen pond next to the hotel on Midsummer Eve at 8 p.m. (the weather allowing).

Midsummer dance

Get ready to dance the Midsummer away!

On Midsummer’s Eve, Friday 24.6. PNP and Henri Jokinen will perform at Restaurant Rousku.




starting at 83 € / person

Midsummer week

starting at 270 € / person

Midsummer package including accomodation in standard double room, pools& sauna, breakfast and 1 x buffet meal/prs.

Week package includes accommodation in standard double room, breakfast every morning (6 days), use of spa and gym and 1 x buffet meal/prs.
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Midsummer buffet



Children 4-14 years


Children 0-3 years


Midsummer buffet is served 24.-25.6.2022.

Midsummer activities

Enjoy the clean nature and beautiful landscape of Rokua by biking, trekking or paddling.

Summer activities