Get into the Christmas spirit at Rokua

Have a festive and memorable Christmas party at Rokua – surrounded by unique nature and close to the services provided by a spa hotel

A memorable Christmas party is enabled by spa hotel services: get refreshed in a bubble bath and an authentic Finnish sauna. Get ready with beauty treatments at the Day Spa, or put the finishing touches on your evening with proper pampering. Enjoy the evening, eat at the lavish Christmas buffet, have fun, and laugh in the best company! When the night is through, get a good night’s sleep in hotel bed sheets.

Rokua Health & Spa provides an unforgettable setting for your festive party!

Delicious Christmas buffet

Your festive party at Rokua is complete with a plentiful and delicious Christmas buffet, offering the full range of greatest Holiday season delicacies – cold smoked salmon, Rokua forest mushroom salad, Christmas casseroles, and traditional ham! Or would you rather book a special menu for your group? Get in touch.

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An atmospheric night at the Rantakota shore hut

Have a memorable Christmas party at the Rantakota shore hut by the Ahveroinen pond. Spend the night in the blaze of a fire and surrounded by nature, enjoying a delicious menu. The the shore hut evening includes the Rantakota for the night, a menu, and accommodations at the spa hotel.

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Lift up your Christmas spirit and feel the magic of Rokua!

Experience the Rokua Geopark, the unique nature of the national park, or the legendary Keisarin Kisat team competition. Combine your Christmas party with enjoyable activities in the amazing landscape of the camping destination of the year 2018.

Come and enjoy the Christmas atmosphere in the nature of Rokua!

Stand-up comedy, traditional ham bingo, a night of dancing, or a Christmas concert? Or just talking among good friends while enjoying good food and drinks? Please let us know what you would like your Christmas party to be like, and we will tailor an unforgettable night just for your group!

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