Tähtisavu smoke sauna

We welcome visitors to bathe in the best herbal smoke sauna in Northern Finland! Rokua’s Tähtisavu has been tested and is recommended by the International Smoke Sauna Club.

A total of 20 people can enjoy the soft heat of Tähtisavu at a time. Visitors can enjoy the beautiful landscape and fresh air of the surrounding Rokua Geopark from a bath barrel on the terrace.

With 800 kilos of stones in the sauna stove, there is plenty of heat for a large group, too. The sauna has been constructed from hand-carved timber. Moreover, the sauna stove and benches as well as some furniture elements are hand-made.

Not only is the sauna beautiful and provides excellent steam, it is also ecological. The washing water is heated using geothermal heat and the firewood needed to heat the sauna is procured from local farms. The washing water is the establishment’s own well-water.

The smoke sauna is heated and prepared for bathing before visitors arrive. Cleaning up is included in the rent.

The living room is equipped with a fridge, micro, a water boiler and a coffeemaker as well as a coffee set for 20. The sauna is located approximately 300 metres from the spa hotel, right in the heart of Rokua Geopark.

Price 2018

Smokesauna starting at 680€ for max. 20 people

We welcome visitor to enjoy a pleasant sauna bath in Tähtisavu!

To book, please contact our sales services on +358 20 7819 200 or sales@rokua.com.