National Park

Rokua National Park was founded in 1956 to protect the natural-state lichen heaths and unusual geologic features of the area. Rokua is one of the oldest national parks in Finland: the first national parks in Finland were established in 1938. More were founded in 1956.

Rokua National Park is located at the southern end of a ridge formation and includes dunes, kettle hole marshes and clear-watered lakes, as well as ancient shore platforms and embankments.

The park harbours old pine forests atypical of the area, including plenty of snags and sturdy old trees. Rokua National Park is the most important barren heath protection area in Finland.

The National Park provides a wonderful setting for trekking. The park includes marked trails and campfire sites and visitors may sleep in the Pitkäjärvi camping area or the Pookivaara wilderness hut.