Visitors can enjoy a good night’s sleep at Rokua Geopark and Rokua Nationalpark are in comfortable accommodation provided by Rokua Health & Spa Hotel. We provide holiday and congress services for adults, children and both young and senior guests. Our guests can enjoy a pleasant stay combined to different programs and activites during all seasons.

Our diverse hotel services and the unique natural setting cater to all tastes! A diverse selection of activities is available all year round.

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Hotel information

Number of rooms 136
Suites complete with sauna 17
Family rooms 12
Double rooms 79
Unobstructed rooms 27
All rooms include Wi-Fi free of charge
Some rooms are complete with a minibar
Pets are allowed in five rooms for a separate fee

You can also camp in our property in a camper van or a trailer for a fee of 24€/person (children aged 4–14: 12€/child, children aged under 4 free of charge). Payment includes also extensive buffet breakfast, access (2 h) to pools and saunas as well as electricity for a camper van/trailer.

If you wish, you can spend the night in a high-quality timber villa in the immediate neighbourhood of the Rokua Health & Spa hotel. This luxury villa includes 10 double rooms, a large living room and an electric sauna. Visitors may also book a smoke sauna. For booking and more information, please contact our sales services on +358 20 7819 200 or