Rokua's fitness test

The Rokua fitness test is intended for healthy adults and is an effortless way to evaluate your fitness without sweating. The fitness test entails assessing respiratory and cardio-vascular system performance, i.e. oxygen uptake, as well as a body composition measurement. The Rokua fitness test is also excellent for group testing. The fitness test provides an extremely diverse understanding of your fitness and the results can be used to provide comprehensive health exercise instructions.

Fitness test components:

Polar Fitness TestTM

  • Polar heart rate monitor measurement during rest, automatic (approx. 5 min.)
  • OwnIndex® result that shows respiratory and cardio-vascular system condition
  • Maximal oxygen up-take assessment that shows how effectively the body can circulate and use oxygen per one kilo of your weight per minute
  • A quick, easy, safe way to measure aerobic fitness without physical exertion
  • Based on resting heart rate and heart rate variability, the following information is also required: gender, age, height, weight and self-assessment of long-term exercise activity.

Tanita body composition measurement

  • Implemented using the Tanita MC-180 MA body composition monitor
  • The measurement is based on the body’s ability to conduct electricity and is extremely quick and accurate
  • Results for both legs, arms, torso and entire body (muscle mass, muscle mass balance, muscle mass value, fat percentage, fat mass, fat balance, overall body fat percentage, body fluid balance, weight index, visceral [abdominal cavity] fat value, basic metabolic rate, body type)
  • Clear graphic and numerical results
  • Excellent support tool for health exercise and occupational well-being

Before the test:

Eat lightly.
Avoid drinking caffeine (coffee, tea and cola drinks).
Avoid fluid drainage 7 days prior to the measurement. Only engage in light exercise 1–2 days before the measurement and avoid drinking alcohol for 24 hours before the test.
Avoid smoking, eating and drinking 3 hours before the measurement and go to the toilet 30 minutes before the measurement.
Arrive at the testing location approx. 15 min. before the scheduled time (to pre-fill a form).


The test does not require specific exercise clothes.

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