Fitness measurement package

Rokua’s fitness measurement package is a highly diverse health fitness examination package. The package diversely measures your functional ability. Based on the diverse and comprehensive results, we can offer you extremely accurate and diverse recommendations for health exercise, target-oriented fitness exercise and activities that promote occupational well-being.

The fitness measurement package entails assessing respiratory and cardio-vascular system performance, i.e. oxygen uptake, with a cycle ergometer test, and measuring your blood pressure. Your body composition is measured using the Tanita body composition monitor. We will also test your muscle endurance using diverse muscle endurance tests.

Blood pressure measurement

  • a significant cardio-vascular health indicator; habits affect blood pressure and can contribute to arterial hypertension
  • measured at the upper arm and repeated at least twice for a reliable result 

Body composition measurement

  • Implemented using the Tanita MC-180 MA body composition monitor
  • A high body fat percentage is closely related to various health problems, such as cardio-vascular diseases, high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes

Bicycle ergometric test (12 min.)

  • Measures cardio-vascular Fitness
  • Suitable for regular fitness and health exercise enthusiasts who do not use beta blockers or other cardio-vascular drugs
  • Assesses maximal oxygen uptake; a personal exercise programme, complete with heart recommendations for different areas of endurance, is prepared based on the results
  • You will pedal the cycle ergometer at an increasing load at 3 to 4-minute intervals up to 85% of the heart corresponding to your age or your measured maximum heart rate
  • The test is exerting and you may experience shortness of breath, but you will not be exhausted
  • Monitoring heart rate and sensation of stress
  • Also an excellent cardio-vascular system health check-up that provides a good understanding of your physical work capacity and general fitness

Muscle endurance tests

  • Hand grip strength (muscle strength/endurance): correlates well to overall muscle strength; sufficient muscle strength is necessary for independent coping with daily activities
  • Modified push-up (muscle strength/endurance): measures the strength and endurance of the extensor muscles in the upper extremities as well as the ability of your muscles to support back posture; required for independent coping with daily activities (overall muscle endurance, the ability to support the back, and posture control are often impaired in people with back trouble)
  • Repeated sit-ups (muscle strength/endurance): measures the dynamic strength of the abdominal muscles and hip flexors; overall muscle strength is important for maintaining upright posture (abdominal muscle control and muscle strength and endurance are often impaired in people with back trouble)
  • Dynamic repeated upper extremity performance (muscle strength/endurance): measures the dynamic strength of the upper extremities and the shoulder region, implemented as a shoulder press; the muscles of the torso play a key role in the maintenance of posture and occupational coping
  • Extensor muscle endurance (muscle strength/endurance): measures the static endurance of the extensor muscles of the back; affects posture and posture maintenance
  • Repeated squats (maximum functional strength of the lower extremities): measures the dynamic strength of the extensor muscles in the lower extremities; impaired muscle strength in the lower extremities leads to a restricted ability to move and may cause falling accidents

Before the test:

  • Eat lightly.
  • Avoid physical exertion and drinking alcohol for 24 hours before the test.
  • Avoid drinking caffeine (coffee, tea, energy and cola drinks) before the test.
  • Arrive at the testing location approx. 15 min. before the scheduled time (to pre-fill a form).


  • Wear indoor exercise clothing and indoor exercise shoes.
  • Also bring something to drink or a drinking bottle, a towel and washing equipment.

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