Exercise groups

We provide diverse, instructed exercise services both indoors and outdoors. Everyone is sure to find a suitable activity to enhance team spirit, increase energy and provide inspiration to move.

You can book a group exercise appointment for you group directly from Rokua Shop or through our sales services on

+ 358 20 7819 200 or sales@rokua.com.

Team work and team spirit!

Emperor’s games

This legendary race pits teams against each other in tests measuring problem-solving ability, precision and different skills. Price starting at €28/person (15–30 people/group). Duration 2 h.

Guided Geopark hike

The theme and type of the hike is selected according to season. Price €180/group. Duration 90 min.

Enjoy and keep moving!

Prices Mon–Fri €85/person, Sat–Sun €90/person (max. 15–20 people).


Effective fitness boxing! This circuit-type exercise session improves endurance and muscle strength and is intended for people with a good level of fitness. Ideal for people with shoulder, neck and back issues.


An effective deep tissue stretching method that strengthens and activates body muscles through the vibration of the FlexiBar.


A diverse, functional workout intended to improve your overall strength, balance and posture control. Kettlebell training strengthens abdominal and back muscles because the exercises rely on a strong trunk. Kettlebell training is suitable for both men and women, regardless or fitness or size.


A diverse fitness tool that improves neck and shoulder muscle strength and combines the benefits of stick and rubber band exercise.

Get your neck and shoulders moving

This exercise session improves blood circulation in the neck and shoulder area as well as thoracic spine mobility with free weights and the body’s own weight. Ideal for office workers.

Find your waistline

An effective trunk workout.

Functional exercise

A workout that strengthens the trunk and improves your physical control and balance through diverse muscle toning exercises.

Kanki-Pumppi® iron bar exercise

Rokua erikoisuus! Rautakangella tehty voimaharjoitus BodyPump tyyliin. Soveltuu erityisesti miesryhmille. Toteutetaan läpi vuoden ulkona.

Fun with water exercise!

Prices Mon–Fri €85/group, Sat–Sun €90/group

Water party – party your way to well-being!

An effective, fun water workout to Latin music as well as some disco and rock 'n' roll. Let your hair down starting with easy dance choreographies, and nothing too difficult.

Water trim – get fit in the water!

Would like to bring up your heart rate and do some demanding muscle toning in the water? This thematic class is all about speeding up your heart rate and toning the muscles of the whole body. Come get fit!

Water boxing – loosen the tension in your shoulders

Effective fitness boxing in the water! Water resistance enhances each punch while safely softening your workout. Water increases blood circulation in the muscles. AquaBoxing strengthens upper back and arm muscles and improves thoracic spine mobility. Ideal for computer and office workers. A safe way to let off steam!

Water running – effective workout through proper technique

AquaJogging is a new way to move in water if swimming is not suitable for you for some reason. The buoyancy belt will carry you so that you can move in an upright position or in a traditional swimming position. Aqua jogging is ideal for people suffering from joint pain in the lower extremities, neck and back pain, overweight, a handicap or chronic illness as well as for senior citizens and children. It also great way to train ice-swimming in the summer, enhance many types of rehabilitation and basic workouts and to replace other forms of exercise. You will spend vast amounts of energy!

Water relaxation

AquaFlow will help you deep relax quickly. This relaxation method was developed to relieve stress and different tensions. The methods utilised the soothing effect of flowing water, which is enhanced by floating the customer in the pool. The rocking movement, the flow of the water on your skin, light stretches and massage intensify the relaxing effect. Underwater meditation music through special speakers and extra warm spa water are some of the luxuries of AquaFlow water relaxation.

“Music Pool” – nostalgy by the pool

Effective water exercise to music from the '40s through the '90s (music according to choice: old dance music, schlager music, pop and rock).

Body care and relaxation

Prices Mon–Fri €83/group, Sat–Sun €88/group


A workout that increases overall mobility.


An exercise session designed to activate and tone trunk muscles. You will learn to activate the muscles that support your spine through diverse exercises. The difficulty of the exercises can be adjusted according to the group (easy/average/demanding). The workout is excellent for people who have back trouble or want to prevent back trouble and learn exercises that maintain back health.

Classic relaxation

Speech relaxation or CD relaxation using music and imagery.

Shake and massage relaxation

Group relaxation using shake and massage methods.

Breathing relaxation

Relaxation using different breathing techniques.

Tense and release

The body is relaxed using the tense and release method. You will learn to notice the difference between a taut and relaxed muscle.

We are happy to provide more information about our occupational well-being and recreational days and other services available at Rokua. We would also be happy to help you plan your event.

Instructed group exercise classes must be booked in advance. The prices are valid until 31 December 2019.

For bookings and more information, please contact our sales services on +358 20 7819 200 or sales@rokua.com.