Dinner Menu

Menu 1

SMOKED REINDEER AND CHEESE SOUP (lactose and gluten-free)
local rieska rye bread with butter (lactose-free)


PIKE PERCH FROM LAKE OULUJÄRVI (lactose- and gluten-free)
pike perch steeped in crayfish sauce,
dill potatoes and vegetables of the day


CHOCOLATE MARQUIS (lactose- and gluten-free)
vanilla ice cream and orange sauce,

Wine recommendations:
With starters: Mont’Albano Nero d’Avola
With the main course: Graham Beck game reserve


Menu 2

local rieska rye bread with butter


ROKUA-STYLE PORK (lactose- and gluten-free)
caramelised pork, madeira sauce,
honey-roasted vegetables and rosti


BUCKTHORN AND VANILLA PANNACOTTA (lactose- and gluten-free)

Wine recommendations:
With starters: Elsa Bianchi Torrontes
With the main course: Château de Pennautier


Geopark Menu

RYYTIRANTA PUREED VEGETABLE SOUP (lactose- and gluten-free)
pureed vegetable soup seasoned with local herbs,
Säräisniemi rieska rye bread with butter (lactose-free)


BEEF STEAK (lactose- and gluten-free)
beef fillet from Muhos fried whole,
dark chanterelle gravy,
potato wedges


ROKUA-STYLE FROZEN CRANBERRIES (low-lactose and gluten-free)
caramel sauce

Wine recommendations:
With starters: Sartori Soave Organic
With the main course: Famiglia Bianchi Malbec

Please note that the whole group will be served the same menu (min. 6 people).
Please confirm your order no later than 7 days before you arrive.