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Rokua Health & Spa Hotel
Kuntoraitti 2
FI-91670 Rokua

Spa Hotel exchange and sales and booking services or +358 20 7819 200.

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From Oulu
Rokua is only an hour’s drive away from Oulu via Road 22. The distance is 80 km. Route from Oulu: Oulu-Muhos-Utajärvi-Ahmas-Rokua.

From Oulu, head to Kajaani along Road 22. You will drive past Muhos and Utajärvi. Continue 13 kilometres past Utajärvi until you see a sign on the right that says ROKUA 13 km. The road leads past Ojakylä. When you reach Lake Ahmasjärvi, you will see a sign on the left that says ROKUA 7 km. The road will finally lead up to the ridges of Rokua and to a crossroads with a sign pointing the left towards Rokua.

From Kajaani
Kajaani is 110 kilometres away from Rokua. Route from Kajaani: Kajaani-Paltamo-Vaala-Jylhämä-Nuojua station-Rokua.
From Kajaani, head north via road 5 for 18 km and then turn left towards Oulu via road 22. Drive past Paltamo and then drive 74 km until your reach Vaala. Turn left at Vaala and drive through the population centre, after which there will be signs pointing to Rokua (distance 18 km). When you reach Rokua, drive a few kilometres past Information Centre Suppa until you reach crossing with a sign pointing to the right towards Rokua Health & Spa Hotel.

From the south
The overall distance is approximately 84 km. Take road four to Leskelä and turn right towards Piippola. Drive for approximately 8 km ad turn left. Drive through Piippola and cross the Oulu-Iisalmi road. Drive for approximately 30 km to Kestilä then drive through Kestilä towards Vaala for 17 km. When you reach Veneheitto, you will see the first sign to Rokua Fitness Centre. At Veneheitto, turn left towards Rokua. Drive for approximately 24 km to Nuojua and then follow the signs and turn left towards Rokua. Drive 9 km and turn right to the drive-in of Rokua Health & Spa Hotel.

For driving instructions, please contact our sales services on +358 20 7819 200 or