Fun Family Holiday at Rokua

Children can spend a happy holiday at Rokua. We provide both indoor and outdoor activities throughout the year. The astoundingly beautiful landscape of Rokua Geopark invites the whole family on a trip of discovery, learning, exercise and play.

The family can enjoy hiking the forest paths, fishing by a pond or marvelling at the natural wonders of the area accompanied by a guide. Visitors can rent bicycles, borrow a rowing boat or roast sausages in the shelter of a lean-to!

The outdoor year area also includes playgrounds suitable for young children, complete with swings and sandboxes. In the summertime, visitors can swim in the Ahveroinen pond right next to the hotel and in the winter, speed down the sledding hills.

Our spacious family rooms comfortably accommodate the whole family and make for an effortless holiday.

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