Geopark Challenge, Rokua, Finland

Rokua Geopark Challenge 2014

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Rokua Geopark Challenge 2014 info

Geopark Challenge järjestetään neljättä kertaa 28.–29.6.2014! Kisapäällikkö ja ratamestari Seppo Mäkinen lupaa kisan tarjoavan fyysistä ja henkistä extremeä uusin maustein. Kisa vetää suomalaiset, pohjoismaalaiset ja eurooppalaiset huiput mittelemään kuntoaan, voimiaan ja nokkeluuttaan.

Kisakeskuksena kilpailussa toimii Sokos Hotel Arina. After race party lauantaina ja sunnuntaina Sport-It! ravintolassa.

1. General

Registration fees will be valid until 30.4.2014. After this, price will increase 10%. Invoice will be sent for those who haven’t paid themselves on 30.4 and 10.6 according to step and price team has registered. After 10.6 we can’t guarantee to take any teams in to the race.

Xtreme class 350 € / Adventure class 120 €.
Payment: IBAN: FI64 5741 3620 4342 22 BIC OKOYFIHH

Race Center and Camping:

Sokos Hotel Arina, Oulu City Center


Tue 10.6
Registration ends

Fri 27.6 16.00 »
Xtreme-class: material, road book and maps. Some maps will be given on the route, rope test, team photo

Sat 28.6 8.00
Material for Adventure Class is given at the race center

Sat 28.6 10.00
Start on the “Rotuaari” in the city center of Oulu

Sat 28.6 15.00
Winner of Adventure-class will arrive to the end on “Rotuaari”

Sat 28.6 19.00
Finnish of Adventure-class closes

Sat 28.6 19.00 »
Price giving ceremony and dinner buffet in restaurant ‘Sport In’ Oulu

Sun 29.6 10.00
First team of Xtreme-class reaches the finnish line on Rokua

Sun 29.6 18.00
Finnish of Xtreme-class closes

Sun 29.6 19.00 »
Price giving ceremony and dinner buffet in restaurant ‘Sport In’ Oulu

Further information:
Race Master
Seppo Mäkinen 040-5564939

2. Challenges:

Xtreme 24h:
Biking: 10 h
Trekking: 6 h
Canoeing: 5 h
Roller Blades: 2h
Other: 1h (swim, ropes, quest’s)

Adventure 5h:
Biking: 1:30
Trekking: 1:30 h
Canoeing: 1 h
Roller Blades: 1h
Other: 0.30h (swim, ropes, quest’s)

Those who end full route will be qualified according to time. Those who don’t, will be qualified according to number of CP’s visited. At first, number of Quest’s will determine, then number of CP’s visited, and finally time spend on the route.

Women are doing a shorter route than men and mix. Target is still 24h/5:30h for the winners in all categories.

3. Assistance and terrain

Assistance is not allowed or needed. Organizers will support with a soup, bread and drinks in the middle of the race. There are some places to buy coffee etc. along the route. You’ll find more info on the road book.

Route includes: 1/4 urban, 1/4 countryside and 2/4 wilderness. Part of CP’s will need proper orienteering skills. Adventure class will have ¾ urban terrain.

4. Diciplines

Trekking is going by foot. Trekking is very moderate: there is fast city terrain with asphalt, easy going forest and wet and push as well. Some parts of trekking is on fantastic pine-forest with good sum of up-hills and rather difficult orienteering. Adventure class has easier orienteering and less push, marsh and forest.

Biking is mainly along small trails and forest roads in the wilderness. Some of trails have lot of stones. Soft ‘marshy’ trails can’t be avoided. Great number of marsh trails have longitudial wooden bars with easy access by bike. Some of trails are sandy and soft. Moderate distances might be on gravel or asphalt roads. Teams have to leave their bikes to the place said on Routebook.

Canoeing will happend by canoes and single paddles. Organizer will support two paddles and two life vests for teams. Teams have to take one paddle, life vest and chair for 3rd person with them (only Xtreme). For foreign teams we will provide extra paddle, chair for 3rd person and extra life vest from organization. River is mainly wide and easy to paddle but some parts of canoeing will have streams and rapids and lift overs (portage).

Roller blades happens on a section where you may have to run and skate and choose your route according to your skills and tactics. Roller blades are compulsory on that section. Poles are allowed.

Swimming- and coasteering happens on the area with some pretty long swims. So swimming mattress is compulsory. There may be diving-CP or Quest, which may include CP’s under the water surface. You may need mask to do it properly.

Ropes and Quest’s can be done by normal sport skill’s. All equipment on rope section will be given by organization.

5. Compulsory equipments

Team compulsory equipments:
• First aid kit: Sport tape >2m, disinfection liquid, bandage
• space blanket
• knife
• 10 m rope min 6 mm (only Xtreme-class)
• mobile phone in water proof cover
• water proof pen
• all material given by organization! You may need some of these on the race!

For team member:
• wind proof jacket
• whisle
• head light
• drinking bottle

Compulsory equipments for the sections:
• biking: helmet, lights on front and rear. Head light is accepted as a front light. (bike lights only in Xtreme class)
• Roller Blades: helmet
• paddling, swimming: life vest in paddling, swimming mattress in swimming and coasteering

Compulsory equipment given by organization:
• number bib’s (have to be visible all the time)
• map’s and road book
• GPS-trakker

Recomended equipments:
• back bag: roller blades or swimming mattress may be needed to carry with you
• goggles or mask
• bike repairing equipments: extra tubes, patches, tool kit, pump
• waterproof map case
• kompass

• weather is typically 15-25 °C at day and 5-15 °C at night. Water on lakes and rivers will be about 15-20°C.
• Xtreme-class uses GPS-trakker and can be followed by internet:
• rules will be published on 10.6. Same time further “Last” information will be given.


• Price giving ceremony and dinner buffet will be on restaurant Sport In’ on sat and sun 19.00-23.00. Dinner buffet has to be reserved and paid no later than 20.6. Price is 27 Eur and it will have variety of many delicacies and good offers from drinks! On Sat you can follow Xtreme class competion from screen with video clips and GPS-trakker!

• Organizers will transfer 1 bag per team to the finnish line of Xtreme class and provide bus transportation for racers back to Oulu as well as transport bikes.