Survivor game

A fun bushcraft skill competition for work teams, groups of friends or a bachelor party group. The Survivor game is a playful, communal competition organised in the varying terrain of Rokua Geopark in the immediate vicinity of Rokua Health & Spa Hotel. The competition pits teams against each other in demanding tests that measure bushcraft skills, cooperation skills and wits. The tests used to determine the best group are completed in various locations in the field and at the beach hut by Ahveroinen. The competition is playful and is completed in pairs or small groups. The competition requires a basic level of fitness, because it involves walking approximately 7 to 8 kilometres in diverse terrain. Midway through, the teams will stop to enjoy some coffee brewed on an open fire in the beautiful setting of Rokua Geopark. The winning team will receive an award.

weather-appropriate outdoor gear, own water bottle

Finnish, English

Programme duration:
approx. 4 hours

Rokua Health & Spa Hotel has a comprehensive organiser’s liability insurance policy.

when the ground is not frozen and daylight is sufficient (advance booking is required)

Mon–Fri €38/person, Sat–Sun €43/person

Number of people:

For bookings and more information, please contact our sales services on +358 20 7819 200 or
We reserve the right to make changes.