Rokua Health & Spa hotel

Rokua Health & Spa Hotel welcomes all visitors to a wellness spa hotel in a stunning natural environment, complete with unhurried silence and optimal services. Rokua is the ideal setting for a wellness holiday in a natural environment. We warmly welcome all visitors to Rokua!

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We welcome all visitors to unwind in the warm waters of Rokua Spa

Our diverse pool section caters to customers in all age groups and offers both relaxing and rigorous activities.

Rokua Spa

The Day Spa is a luxurious oasis by a pond among the lichen heathlands.

Tranquil music, pleasant scents and a beautiful setting top off our relaxing treatments, offering a comprehensive experience.

Day Spa

Rokua is an unparalleled natural setting.

The ridges, kettle holes and ancient embankments shaped by the most recent Ice Age are a memorable environment for recreational activities and relaxation.

Rokua's nature

Programme services

We offer an extensive range of experience services to enhance your holiday, event or meeting. Our supplementary services can make the most casual of events unique! Experience services increase energy levels, get your blood pumping, build team spirit and make room for creativity.

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Wellbeing comes from the Heart -video

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