River canoeing excursion (2days)

A canoeing excursion in the immediate vicinity of Rokua is suitable for everyone and requires a normal level of fitness and balance. No previous canoeing experience or personal canoeing equipment is required. The hotel arranges transportation to the excursion starting spot. First, you will learn about canoeing equipment, pack your canoe and go through canoeing technique and safety tips. We will have the use of Indian canoes (2 people/kayak) but visitors may also rent a kayak. Canoeing is instructed by a guide. You will stop ashore to enjoy coffee and a picnic in natural setting. After approximately 20 km, you will set up camp ashore. After dinner, you can spend the evening by a fire and sleep in a hut or a tent. The next day you will complete another leg of approximately 20 km. After reaching the shore, you will be transported back to Rokua Health & Spa Hotel.

Programme duration:
2 days (1 night)


Number of people:

€240/person, incl. guide services, transportation, canoeing and safety equipment, full board (picnic lunch x 2, excursion dinner, breakfast), accommodation equipment, liability insurance, VAT

For bookings and more information, please contact our sales services on +358 20 7819 200 or sales@rokua.com.

We reserve the right to make changes.